Thursday, April 17, 2014

Graphics on the car complete

Mike Snyder of SSC Tint & Graphics in Elizabethtown has finished up the graphics on the Corvette.  We will have a few more logos to put on once we get to South Bend.  Also got Shane's name on the passenger side roof of the car.  I have included a couple pictures of Shane Lintner of Mount Joy, who will be my Transit Driver.  On the second picture he is pointing to the family business ad on the car, Lintners Hillside Bed and Breakfast our newest sponsor.

 As mentioned before we still need a few more donations for our effort for the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition.  For any donation of $10 or more we will put your name on a sticker on the car to show your support in the fight against breast cancer and to help provide support for women with breast cancer.  You can mail me your donation, or stop in the store at Jim Roberts West Main Auto at 14 W. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 17552 or click on the link below and you can donate using your credit card.  Help spread the word we are way behind on this years fundraising effort.  Don't wait to see me, send your donation in now.  Help in the fight against cancer.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tires are on/Fundraising continues

The days are clicking away and it won't be long till we leave for South Bend, Indiana to the starting line for our great adventure.  After a few late nights working on the Corvette, the tires are on, the brakes are on and the crankcase has a fresh fill  of oil.  All we need now is a few more donation stickers on the roof. Our fundraising effort to benefit the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition is a bit behind this year.  I know it is a slow economy for a lot of people but for a donation of as little as $10 we will put you name on the car to show your support for the fight against Breast Cancer.  Think about it, you can help in the fight and also ride along "vicariously" on our amazing adventure at the same time.  Now it's easier than ever to donate. The Pa
Breast Cancer Coalition has set up a secure link where you can donate using a credit card.  We will put your name to show your support, or another name in Memorial to, or in Honor of someone who has dealt with cancer.  The link is  

BTW you can also stop in the store, Jim Roberts' West Main Auto in Mount Joy, Pa. to make a donation or mail a check to the store, made out to PBCC to 14 W. Main St. 17552

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Transit Driver

Steve Barrett my Transit Driver was in pain with his knees and asked if I could find a replacement partner for  One Lap of America.  We finally were able to fill the position, with Shane Lintner.  Shane is the son of Gary Lintner one of our charter members of the Lancaster County Corvette Club.  Since Shane is the owner of a C5 Corvette coupe, the car should feel familiar to him, although a little more modified than his car.

Also, just a reminder a major part of this effort is our charity, the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition and we are still appealing for donations and will put a pink sticker on the car for anyone who donates $10 or more now it's easier than ever to donate. The Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition has set up a secure link where you can donate using a credit card.  We will put your name on to show your support, or another name in Memorial to, or in Honor of someone who has dealt with cancer.  The link is 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jimbob Racing is very pleased to announce that Engle Printing and Publishing Company Inc. has  re-signed and will be our major hood sponsor for the 2014 One Lap of America.  Engle Printing and Publishing Company not only publishes the well known Merchandiser but also 18 other weekly community newspapers highlighting the positive news in the local areas.  In addition they have many other publications such as Auto-Locator, Lancaster County Magazine, Antiques & Auction Newsand others.  For more information see their web site at

 A huge milestone, EPC is celebrating their 60th Anniversary in business in 2014.  The a company their leadership and their employees are a great community asset with their support of many charities and endeavors in the local areas.

We have several other sponsors that help pull this all together which include The Mount Joy Diner, Auto-Locator, Top of The Line Roofing, KrunchKritters Body and Spray Shop, Mick's All American Pub, Jim's Tire Service, SSC Tint & Graphics JimRoberts' West Main Auto and the Lancaster County Corvette Club.  I would like to sincerely thank all of my sponsors for their contributions.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jimbob Racing Raising Funds for Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition

Jim is shown presenting the 2013 event picture to Kristen Snoke
the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition Community Outreach Director.

Jim Roberts of Mount Joy along with Steve Barrett of Fairfield Ohio, will compete in the 2014 One Lap of America. A major part in this effort will be raising money for the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. Stickers with the Pink Breast Cancer ribbon will be placed on the car for each donation of $10 or more, and can be “In Honor of”, “In Memory of”, or you can put your own name on to show your support of the Breast Cancer Coalition.

This will be Jim’s 6th One Lap of America and he has raised several thousand dollars for the Breast Cancer Coalition as part of the effort. Make a donation and you can ride along “vicariously” on the trip and help a great cause.  The Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition, celebrating its 21st Anniversary in 2014, represents supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC is a statewide non-profit organization that creates the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today.

To make a donation and get a sticker on the car, stop in at the store or send to Jim Roberts, % West Main Auto, 14 W. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 17552 along with who to name on the sticker. Please make all checks payable to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition or PBCC for short.  If anyone who is sympathetic to the breast cancer cause and would like to be a "Captain" to help collect funds from friends co-workers etc, I can provide you with donation sheets.  Please email me at 

The Cannonball One Lap of America is an endurance race that will challenge the preparation and endurance of both man and machine. It is an offshoot of the original “Cannonball Sea to Shinning Sea Memorial Trophy Dash” created by Brock Yates in the early 1970’s. In 1984 Brock reworked the format to make it more acceptable to the general public and law enforcement, and continued to change the format until in 1992 it evolved into what it is today, where all the competition takes place on the tracks.

Each year One Lap goes off in a different direction to another part of the country. This year Jim will travel nearly 5,000 miles in a little over a week covering much of the Eastern United States. The first leg of the trip will be going from Lancaster County Pa. to South Bend Indiana, the starting spot for One Lap, and the first event, a wet skid pad competition.  The second event will be at Grissom Air Force Base also in Indiana, then it's south to Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans then on to Mobile, Alabama followed by Atlanta then up to Spartanburg South Carolina.  After South Carolina it's north to New Jersey Motorsports Park, west to Mid Ohio then to Gingerman in Michigan and back to South Bend. They will compete in about 20 events including 2 skid pad competitions, a large autocross on the runways at Grissom Air Force Base, two drag strip events and the rest will be road course time trials. At each track Jim will do Time Trial events and accumulate points against competing cars in both class and overall standings. Jim will do all the competitive driving and will share the driving over the highways with his transit driver Steve Barrett. Typically there will be about 75 entries from professional racers to amateur track guys, but all must have racing credentials or at least high performance driver school experience. The car they are using is Jim’s Yellow 2000 Corvette Coupe which has been modified to add a little extra horsepower and has several performance and suspension upgrades.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting Ready for One Lap of America 2014

It's that time of the year again when I start posting about our One Lap of America effort.  It will be May before we know it and we still have some work to do on the car.  A couple of pieces of information to share is that Steve Barrett from the Cincinnati Ohio area will be my Transit Driver again this year.  Steve was my Transit Driver in 2012 and I found him through my fellow One Lap buddies from Cincinnati who knew that I was in need of a partner for the trip.  Steve is a Corvette enthusiast and is also a Corvette restorer so he is knowledgeable on a lot of the mechanical parts on the car.  Even though we did't meet until the day before the event started we made friends quickly which is good since you are shoulder to shoulder in a Corvette for a week and 3500 miles. Steve was a great asset to the team in sharing the highway miles and helping to maintain the car.

The route has been posted and I have included a map.  This years event will again concentrate on the eastern half of the United States and will take us a far south and west as New Orleans and to some tracks I haven't been to including Memphis International Raceway road course, Memphis International Raceway Drag Strip, Mobile International Speedway oval, Atlanta Motorsports Park, and GingerMan Raceway in Michigan. We will visit several other tracks and the closest we will be to home is when we do the Thunderbolt course at New Jersey Motorsports Park at Millville NJ.

I did have a chance on Friday to take the Corvette to the track down at Summit Point just to give it a shakedown run to make sure everything felt right.  I wanted to get a picture but din't think of it until the car was loaded back on the trailer.  BTW, on One Lap you cannot trailer the car at all once the event begins, although some do trailer their cars to the start point at South Bend, Indiana.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We made it Home

We made it home Saturday evening about 11 pm after logging 4964 miles since leaving Thursday to head west for South Bend.  Rick still had another 30 miles to get home to Ephrata.  This year gas was slightly cheaper this year and the lowest we paid was $3.41 in Mississippi and the highest was on the Indiana turnpike at $4.45.  Total spent for gas was $1039 and we averaged 17.29 miles per gallon including transits at about 19 mph and on track mileage of about 6 mph.  Out longest transits were from New Orleans to Daytona Beach which was 650 miles and from South Bend to Grissom Air Force Base then on to Talledega, Alabama at 683 miles. We did give a little too much money to the turnpike commissions of Pa. Indiana and Ohio where we spent a total of about $180 on tolls.

This years finish was less than we were hoping for at 37th place.  We had an ABS brake system failure at the Autocross at Grissom Air Force Base so we spent the rest of the week without ABS.  I am used to teaching without ABS and I race my Spec Miata without ABS so it wasn't a disaster but I probably would have done much better on the autocross and at BMW Performance Center which was like an autocross with the ABS.  Also as I mentioned in a previous post I think I chose the wrong tire and didn't have quite the grip I had in the past.  The lack of grip and a little over aggressive driving had me off the track a few times during competition which cost me several finishing positions each time.

The other big event that cost us in finishing positions was at Carolina Motorsports Park when an oil cooler line got cut through by the power steering pulley which then spewed oil and put out a smoke screen.  I was able to finish my run by nursing the car to the finish but lost a lot of time.  We were able to make a repair on the oil line before the end of the session and run the second event of Carolina but got a 10 second penalty for running out of group and I was the last car to run.  Our goal this year was for a top 20 finish.  The competition really seemed to be stronger this year with many awesome cars in the mix.  Even at 37th place there were a lot of cars that finished behind us, so that's a little bit of a win.  The biggest win is that we were able to complete the event and bring the car home ;^)

Don't forget we are still raising money for our charity, the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. We still need a few hundred dollars to meet this years goal. For a donation of $10 or more we will place your name on a Pink Ribbon sticker on the car, or the name of someone you would like to honor or memorialize.  Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition helps women going through Breast Cancer as well as helping to fund mammograms and research. Help us meet our goal. Please make any checks out to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition or PABCC and send to Jim Roberts 14 W. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 17552. This event is really a lifetime experience and we felt is was a good way to leverage the it to the community good by raising funds for this worthy charity.